Mild Cleansing Oil

不想化粧傷皮膚,便要卸粧夠徹底!MCO 速淨卸粧液,針對頑固難卸的眼、面、唇粧及防曬品,一沖即淨﹔不含礦物油,高效洗去毛孔油脂角栓,全面卸粧同時呵護幼嫩肌膚。

Benefit : Formulated to remove long-wear makeup and sunblock around your face, eyes and lips quickly and thoroughly, this cleansing formula contains no mineral oil and can effectively remove keratotic plugs to allow for makeup removal that pampers your skin.
Size : 120mL x 1 bottle
Ingredient :
How to Use : 1. Evenly apply 2-3 pumps of cleansing oil on face.
2. Gently massage the face for 15 seconds or until the makeup dissolves. Rinse with water and follow the regular procedures of Facial Washing Powder for thorough cleansing.